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monica rich kosann apollo charm with diamonds

Apollo Charm Necklace - Strength

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Monica Rich Kosann Necklace


The God of healing, medicine, music and poetry - all qualities that give us Strength. What else do you need? The God of these qualities inspired our "Apollo" medallion.


  • 18K Yellow Gold.
  • Available without a chain, this product listing is for the charm only.
  • Set with Diamonds
  • Charm Measures 1" in Diameter
  • Inteded to be worn on your Monica Rich Kosann Charm Chain, Charm Braclet or on a 18k yellow delicate gold chain sold separately.
  • Chain sold separatley.


- Material: 18K Yellow Gold. White Diamond Carat Weight: .174 cts. Charm Measures: 1" in Diameter. Chain sold separately.

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