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Upon request we will provide documented appraisal work for any piece of jewelry purchased through Onyx. Appraisals are now drafted electronically and access is delivered to the email address of your choice via an online portal. All of your appraisals will populate and be accessible to you at any time through this portal. You may also forward your appraisal work to the insurer of your choice through this platform. When possible, we recommend your items be insured through a rider on your home owners, renters insurance policy or independent insurance company such as Jewelers Mutual or Chubb. As the appraiser, we are not capable of writing a policy for insuring your jewelry– this must be done via an independent insurer. Please note: simply having an appraisal will be no good to you in the event of a loss without actually following through on insuring your item(s). We are legally only required to keep a record of your sale or drafted appraisal work for 7 years from the date of purchase or appraisal. We are happy to appraise estate jewelry, vintage pieces and items purchased elsewhere at a fee of $150 per every 8 pieces. Rates may differ for larger collections of jewelry. Appraisal services are offered by appointment only and due to the volume of requests, from time-to-time, we do pause this service for items not purchased through Onyx. Please contact us to check availability and schedule an appointment.


Your jewelry may be brought in for cleaning at anytime. We are happy to do a cleaning of pieces in-store to remove any topical debris such as lotion, hairspray and soap residue. For a cleaning that will leave your pieces looking like the day they were purchased, jewelry can be put through a complete polish and refinishing process, completed by our bench jeweler, to remove surface scratches and other signs of wear. Please plan accordingly for the full refinishing service as work volumes can lead to 2-3 week lead times. The polish and refinishing process generally starts at $65 per item and varies on a case-by-case basis upon evaluation of your item in person. More accurate quotes can be provided upon request at the time we are reviewing and cataloging your work.


Our speciality! At Onyx, we offer the ability to bring any desired piece of jewelry to life with our custom design services for a look that is uniquely yours. From selecting stones and metal colors to overall aesthetic, all of our custom design projects go through a multi step process that includes: consultation, hand drawn sketches, CAD rendering, 3D wax model, to a finished piece created by our skilled jewelers who have been hand crafting our custom pieces for over 25 years. We are also happy to work with existing stones or jewelry and bring new life to them via re-design. We often feel your next piece of jewelry may already be in your jewelry box, it might just need our creative eye and a reimagined setting! Appointments for such consultation are appreciate but not required. Please feel free to call us for availability and to schedule an appointment.


We have access to the worlds finest diamonds and colored gemstones. We prefer to deal with GIA, certified diamonds. We deal in natural diamonds and upon request can educate in the world of lab grown diamonds and source those too, shall you wish. (Laboratory grown product will also be GIA or IGI certified for your purchase protection). Even with lab certification, all diamonds sourced by Onyx are personally inspected to insure that they meet our quality standards. It can be very common for two diamonds to look similar on paper in respect to grading, but look very different in person. In addition to cut, color, and clarity we take into account, such details as type of imperfection and placement of imperfection to make sure that you end up with the most beautiful stone possible. At your request, we can send heirloom diamonds and gemstones to the Gemological Institute of America for an official grading report for your records and peace of mind. If you are looking to get engaged or source something special for your next dream piece, please contact us to discuss the parameters of your project and to schedule an appointment.


We recommend that pearls and beads be strung on average, every 10 years to prevent stretching and breakage. We prefer to string our pearls and beads on silk, knotted between each segment, to ensure the integrity of the piece. When needed we offer stringing on other materials such as elastic chording, leather chording and wire. Our expert pearl stringer has been trusted with our pearl and bead projects for over 15 years and also handles work for companies like Bergdorf Goodman and Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry.


If you’re good to your jewelery, your jewelry will be good to you! We can't guarantee that something won't go wrong with your jewelry throughout the lifetime of the piece, but we can help make it right in the event of damage or wear-and-tear. All jewelry repair work is meticulously and expertly handled by our master bench jeweler, who we have trusted with our repair work and custom design projects for over 25 years. To best evaluate the work your piece requires, we ask that you bring the item into our store for review, at which time we can discuss the options and plan of action for repairing your valued treasure. We offer services ranging from ring sizing, stone tightening, prong re-tipping, to soldering, clasp repair, restoration and more– all depending on the specific needs of your piece. Please plan accordingly as turnaround time on repair work is often 2-3 weeks due to the volume of work we experience at any given time.

Please Note! We DO NOT buy unwanted, used, or scrap jewelry from the public.  NO Exceptions!

We DO NOT service watches: batteries, straps, etc.

Contact us with any questions about these and other services.

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