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monica rich kosann infitie and boundless infinity hoop earrings in sterling silver

"The Symbol" Small Infinity Hoop Earrings

SKU: #45067
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Monica Rich Kosann Earrings


The Infinity symbol reminds us that anything is possible. We deconstructed the symbol into a collection of contemporary, yet timeless designs to remind us that our opportunities are Infinite & Boundless


These Sterling Silver Infinite & Boundless hoop earrings feature a small re-imagined infinity symbol. Wear individually or as a pair.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Earrings sold individually or as a pair
  • Earrings Measure: 5/8” in Diameter


Sterling Silver, finished with rhodium, a precious metal similar in price to gold that protects our sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing. Earrings Measure: 9/16” in Diameter.

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